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Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) is a Department of Defense (DoD) military training opportunity, exclusive to the United States and its territories, that delivers joint training opportunities to increase deployment readiness. Simultaneously, IRT provides key services (health care, construction, transportation, and cybersecurity) with lasting benefits for our American communities.

FY 2018 Annual Program Summary
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Medical missions provide training opportunities to military units while providing incidental benefit to communities via no-cost healthcare. Services include optometry, health exams, dental, veterinary care, and public health education. Care is delivered by credentialed healthcare providers and no one is turned away. These missions are typically conducted as fairs and may last for several days or weeks at a time to ensure maximum benefit during time spent in the community served.
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering missions provide training opportunities to military units while providing incidental benefit to communities via infrastructure construction and improvements. Such benefit comes in the form both vertical and horizontal construction. Vertical construction consist of mainly buildings; while horizontal construction includes utilities, roadways, and other paving activities such as runway improvements. Civil Engineering mission also typically involve elements of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work.
Information security is one of the most important issues facing the military. It is essential that U.S. military forces keep data secure. IRT is currently developing a cyber-security training platform. IRT is seeking partnerships with eligible organizations to perform vulnerability assessments.
IRT missions provide an opportunity for critical training in a variety of transportation skills. Many operations depend upon ground vehicles in order to complete many aspects of their mission. It is the responsibility of Ground Transportation specialists to transport people, supplies, munitions and outsized expeditionary forces. These professionals must utilize a variety of essential skills, such as map and compass reading, vehicle specifications determination and limitations assessment in order to coordinate and master all aspects of ground transportation necessary for us to get equipment and people where they need to go.
Aerial Spray
IRT missions provides valuable training opportunities for air personnel. The terrain, obstructions, airspace restrictions, and congested areas often provide excellent training scenarios to hone aircrew skills for operating in the low-level aerial spray environment. Specialized spray mission personnel obtain experience operating the loading equipment, handling pesticides using appropriate protective personnel equipment, and cleaning/downloading the spray MASS after applications. When executed, the aerial spray operations provides vital training for maintaining a well-equipped military force ready to execute our wartime mission. 
FY 2019 IRT Project Locations
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Healthy Cortland/Greater Chenango Cares
Service Members (Active Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard, Navy Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard) will join Southern Tier 8, a New York regional planning agency, to deliver dental, optometry, and veterinary care to rural communities in upstate New York.
Operation Footprint Provides Homes for Navajo Families
From April 1 through September 15, 2019, Navy Reservists will provide engineering support to residents in the Navajo Community in New Mexico for the 22nd consecutive year.
Service Members Deliver Medical Care in Puerto Rico
The two-week Ola de Esperanza Sanadora IRT Mission, translated as “Healing Wave of Hope,” was the IRT Program’s flagship mission for FY 2019, bringing together units from every Service from across the United States.
Camp Kamassa
Airmen of the Ohio Air National Guard, 200th RED HORSE Squadron, in morning formation as they are deployed for an Innovation Readiness Training project at Camp Kamassa, Crystal Springs, MS., helping to build a specialized camp for children with special needs.
Girl Scout Camp Paumalu
Camp Paumalu Civil Engineering IRT mission kicked off in true Hawaiian fashion with a blessing and ground breaking ceremony, complete with kahu and hula dancers. Camp Paumalu is an Air National Guard led joint mission with the Air Reserve and Marine Corps Reserve and community partner Girl Scouts of Hawaii.
Ola de Esperanza Sanadora
Ola de Esperanza Sanadora, which translates to Healing Wave of Hope, concluded successfully on May 8, 2019. The mission of this IRT mission is to provide dental, optometry and medical care to the community while performing joint military humanitarian operations.
Victor Torano
State Air Surgeon, Puerto Rico ANG

“This year’s IRT has been a challenge to the community partner, as the number of participants significantly increased from last year, as well as the care sites selected. However, we are honored to have partnered with DoD and the IRT staff to bring medical, dental, ocular and mental health services to people after Hurricane Maria.”

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Lt Col Deanna Pennings
185th ARW, Iowa ANG, Officer in Charge

"Ola de Esperanza Sanadora IRT was a truly joint forces effort. This effort combined six service branches as well as young and seasoned leadership, which gave all of us involved an opportunity to learn from one another. The cross training and support in this effort was one that I have never experienced before.”
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