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Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) is a Department of Defense (DoD) military training opportunity, exclusive to the United States and its territories, that delivers joint training opportunities to increase deployment readiness. Simultaneously, IRT provides key services (health care, construction, transportation, and cybersecurity) with lasting benefits for our American communities.
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Medical missions provide training opportunities to military units while providing incidental benefit to communities via no-cost healthcare. Services include optometry, health exams, dental, veterinary care, and public health education. Care is delivered by credentialed healthcare providers and no one is turned away. These missions are typically conducted as fairs and may last for several days or weeks at a time to ensure maximum benefit during time spent in the community served.
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering missions provide training opportunities to military units while providing incidental benefit to communities via infrastructure construction and improvements. Such benefit comes in the form of both vertical and horizontal construction. Vertical construction consist of mainly buildings; while horizontal construction includes utilities, roadways, and other paving activities such as runway improvements. Civil Engineering missions also typically involve elements of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical work.
Information security is one of the most important issues facing the military. It is essential that U.S. military forces keep data and our infrastructure secure. IRT is currently developing cyber-security training opportunities that will help to detect, safeguard, assess, and protect our nation from malicious activity. By building and creating relationships with government agencies and non-profits, we will lead and create innovative processes and procedures to address future threats to our people and critical infrastructure. Through cooperative partnerships driven by readiness training, IRT is a cutting edge way to develop essential skills to thrive in contested cyberspace domains. 
IRT missions provide an opportunity for critical training in a variety of transportation skills. Many operations depend upon ground vehicles in order to complete many aspects of their mission. It is the responsibility of Ground Transportation specialists to transport people, supplies, munitions and outsized expeditionary forces. These professionals must utilize a variety of essential skills, such as map and compass reading, vehicle specifications determination and limitations assessment in order to coordinate and master all aspects of ground transportation necessary for us to get equipment and people where they need to go.
Aerial Spray
IRT missions provides valuable training opportunities for air personnel. The terrain, obstructions, airspace restrictions, and congested areas often provide excellent training scenarios to hone aircrew skills for operating in the low-level aerial spray environment. Specialized spray mission personnel obtain experience operating the loading equipment, handling pesticides using appropriate protective personnel equipment, and cleaning/downloading the spray MASS after applications. When executed, the aerial spray operations provides vital training for maintaining a well-equipped military force ready to execute our wartime mission. 
Crystal Springs, Mississippi
On June 25th, eleven Servicemembers were recognized by Crystal Springs Mayor Sally Garland for their great work on and off duty in support of the Camp Kamassa IRT mission and the community of Crystal Springs. This was the third year of partnership between IRT and Camp Kamassa. Prior to this year’s mission ending early due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Servicemembers were able to build two 2,700 square foot family cabins, clear five acres for a small pond, clear eight acres for a large pond, and install sheetrock, HVAC, and electrical in the existing eight duplex cabins.
Cleveland National Forest, California
Marines from the 7th Engineer Support Battalion based out of Camp Pendleton; CA partnered up with the U.S. Forest Service from June 1st to Jun 5th on an IRT mission to demolish 12 dams within the Cleveland National Forest. Removal these aging manmade dams was essential to supporting a suitable habitat for the potential re-establishment of endangered species as well as restoring stream health and function.
Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, Michigan
From June 2nd to June 8th, Soldiers from the 1432 Engineer Company partnered with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources on an IRT mission at the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park in Ontonagon County, MI. This mission provided great training for the Engineers and involved repairing roadways, armoring an eroding shoreline, repairing the roof and electrical system of an historic building, and replacing a 100-foot-long culvert.
Mr. Daniel “Danny” Aquino

Special Assistant to the Governor for Military Affairs, Commonwealth Bureau of Military Affairs

“The IRT mission benefited the military and residents of the CNMI (Saipan, Tinian, and Rota), who are experiencing tremendous hardships. The mission military Services coordinated the logistics of three separate islands simultaneously. Receiving the 2023 CivilMilitary Partnership of the Year award was rewarding and was an amazing experience. On behalf of Governor Palacios, Lt. Governor Apatang, my staff, and CNMI residents, thank you »

Senior Airman Aaron T. Razayeski


IRT has given me a crucial emphasis on readiness and attention to detail. The leadership of those around me has laid out and enhanced the foundation for my own leadership capabilities. IRT has also been the grindstone sharpening not only my own deployable skillset, but the skillset of every Service Member involved. What I enjoy most about IRT is that rain or shine, through thick or thin, at the end of the day a local community is receiving vital support Learn more about military partnership »

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