About Innovative Readiness Training

Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) produces military readiness while simultaneously providing quality services to communities throughout the United States. The Military Services have always brought to bear their resources to help meet some of the country's civil needs. With IRT, the Department of Defense (DoD) realizes simultaneous benefits for military training and readiness.

Our Mission

IRT builds mutually beneficial civil-military partnerships between US communities and the DoD to:

  • Provide high quality, mission-essential training for Active, Guard, and Reserve support personnel and units
  • Deliver military readiness and partnership capacity to serve when the nation calls, at home or abroad
  • Contribute to American prosperity by meeting public and civil-society needs
  • Strengthen the bond between American citizens and the US military
  • Kindle a spirit of service and volunteerism among all partners and the communities they serve

Our Vision

To realize the full potential of leveraging taxpayer investments in military training & readiness in order to triple contribute to:

  1. national security,
  2. the prosperity of American communities, and
  3. democracy through strengthening civil-military relations.

Our Value

  • Security: IRT projects align with military mission essential tasks that prepare Service members & units to respond whenever the nation calls…at home or abroad.
  • Prosperity: IRT partnerships assist non-DoD organizations in realizing their visions for sustainable & thriving American communities.
  • Democracy: IRT missions fortify our democratic ideals by strengthening the bond between American citizens & the US military, showcasing the diversity & operational excellence of those who work together to secure our nation’s freedom.
  • IRT provides both the quantity & quality of training venues needed for military readiness.
  • IRT projects create DoD, whole-of-government, & whole-of-society efficiencies.
  • IRT projects develop proficiency in forging diverse partnerships—joint, total force, interagency, & multinational—a capability that translates into the ability to form successful alliances & coalitions.
  • IRT provides the highest quality, most complex, & most rewarding hands-on training environments for the majority of DoD’s support personnel & units; nothing is simulated & the missions leave behind lasting, tangible value for US citizens.
  • IRT projects are a wise taxpayer investment, enriching training with existing resources while creating value in American communities.
  • IRT partnerships are cost-effective & are often funded within existing Military Service training budgets.

Our DoD Team

The Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Integration has responsibility for IRT policy and administers the IRT civil-military programs (CMP) appropriation. The Military Services review requests for support and services, volunteer for partnerships that best meet training requirements, approve training under IRT authorities, build and carry out IRT partnerships, and may request additional training funds from the IRT appropriation if needed.

IRT receives consistent support from the DoD, Congress, as well as state, local, and tribal governments.

Our Authorities