Department of Defense Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) FY13 Project Descriptions

Civil-military IRT projects enhance unit training and readiness while filling a community need.

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Summary:  Joint/multi Service medical/dental/veterinary/optometry support to a variety of underserved Native American populations and communities located in remote areas throughout the United States and US territories.



ARCTIC CARE - Multi-Service and interagency medical, dental and veterinary winter event is the largest recurring joint medical readiness and logistics training exercise, providing humanitarian assistance to underserved American Indians and Alaska Natives. For FY13, training is scheduled to support the underserved in the Kotzebue, Alaska region.

FT BELKNAP - Medical training event that will be conducted by the Army Reserve to provide medical, dental, and pharmaceutical assistance in Montana.

FT BERTHOLD - Medical training event that will be conducted by the Army Reserve at New Town, North Dakota. The military will provide medical, dental, and pharmaceutical assistance to residents of the area.

MISSISSIPPI MEDICAL - Medical training event conducted by the military to provide medical, dental, optometry and veterinary care to residents of Clarksdale, Alabama.

TROPIC CARE - Medical outreach event, to include dental, optometry, and medical care conducted by the Air National Guard as lead Service, with support from Air Force Reserve, Navy Reserve, and Army Reserve at Maui and Hawaii. Medically underserved communities are the focus of the training mission.

DELTA MEDICAL - Military medical training event to provide medical, dental and optometry services to the towns of Blytheville, AR, Mayfield, KY, Hayti, MO, and Dyersburg, TN. 

HOPE OF MARTIN - A military medical training event to support the communities of Dresden, Martin, Sharon, Greenfield and Gleason TN.

LONESTAR - A medical training event located along the Texas Mexican border, led by the Army National Guard. Medical and dental care will be provided to local underserved communities.

FERRIDAY MEDICAL - A training event to provide medical, dental, and optometry services to the community of Ferriday, LA.



Summary: Joint/multi Service vertical and horizontal engineering support to underserved communities.   

Summary:  Joint/multi Service vertical and horizontal engineering support to underserved communities.   



METARVIK - The Marine Corps Reserve, acting as lead service, in coordination with the Army National Guard, Army Reserve, and Navy will assist the village of Newtok, Alaska in building a shelter and a pioneer road at a new village site, Metarvik, Alaska.

ST MICHAEL’S - The military will conduct engineering training at St. Michaels Association for Special Education located near Window Rock, Arizona. The project will improve roads and drainage and improve water lines.

RIVERSIDE ACADEMY - An Air Force Reserve training event to develop infrastructure and improve various buildings on the school property near Nashville Tennessee.

BLACK HILLS FOREST - An Army National Guard training event to improve roads in the Black Hills Forest, South Dakota.

BOY SCOUT SUMMIT - An engineering training event led by the Marines with support from the Navy, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard. This event will develop an egress road and various vertical buildings. The site is the future home of the Boy Scout Jamboree located near Mt Hope West Virginia.

CUSTER STATE PARK - An engineering training event conducted by the Army National Guard. The project will train soldiers in road construction, clearing and grubbing for the State Park located in South Dakota.

FOOTPRINT - Engineering/ Infrastructure training project that will be conducted by the military at Gallup, New Mexico, in support of the Southwest Indian Foundation. The military will construct modular housing in a warehouse environment for placement later on the Navajo Reservation.

OLD HARBOR - A multi- Service engineering training event to extend the airfield in Old Harbor, Alaska.

CLARKSDALE AIRPORT - An engineering training event to further develop the infrastructure and repair of the Clarksdale airport.

CAMP MOHAWK - An Air Force lead training event to construct several cabins at a county park.

YMCA OF THE ROCKIES - Military engineering units will construction a lodge at the YMCA property and develop other infrastructure to support the building.


Summary:  Joint/multi Service diving and transportation support to underserved communities.      



REEF-EX - The Army National Guard will de-militarize surplus army vehicles and other equipment to create a hard bottom habitat for fish as an artificial reef off the coast of South Carolina.

9 HEALTH FAIR - Medical training event to be conducted by the Army and Air National Guard at various locations throughout Colorado during the summer. The Guard will assist in delivering medical equipment and supplies to various health fair locations.